Our poodles

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Ritva has got apricot poodles now more than 40 years: it was year 1971 when she got her first poodle. She was an apricot miniature poodle female, Millan Golden Cream, from Annaliisa Paasio. The dog was taken just for a pet but little by little Ritva's interest to dogshows grew and finally Millan Golden Cream became Finnish champion. The next year Ch. Tiopepi Golden Dew came to Ritva's life. Ch. Tiopepi Golden Dew had one litter. And out of this litter was born Fin Ch. Goldencrumb who has been the progenitor of Finnish apricot medium size and miniature poodles. So far Ritva has owned many apricot poodles and nowadays Ritva is mostly concentrating on medium size apricot poodles but she also has some miniature poodles.

Loviisa got her first dog in 2001 when black toypoodle bitch Toyway Angel of Life "Minni" came to her life. Loviisa started dogshows with Minni and they had some success: Minni has got 2 cacs from Finland and one from Estonia. After a little while, in 2006, Loviisa got a standard poodle Martina's Conchita. Friida has been more than Loviisa could ever imagine, she is the dog of Loviisa's life. Friida has perfect temperament and it seems that all her puppies have got nice temperaments. Loviisa kept one female from Friida's first litter, Martina's Ferrera "Peppi". After few years without having a standard poodles Loviisa got "Sissel" Martina's Sharp Cookie. Sissel's first litter was born in 2018 with famous Jasenak Famous Name. She kept the only girl from this litter "Pippa" Martina's Mint Condition. Standard poodles have totally conquered Loviisa's heart so all the standard poodles on these pages are owned or bred by Loviisa. 

- Kasvattajan peruskurssi suoritettu v. 2006

- Kasvattajan jatkokurssi suoritettu v. 2012