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*Puppy plans for 2024*


Carla 08/2021

We plan to breed Carla from her next heat in July 2024 so hopefully we will have a white standard poodle litter later this year.  The mother will be "Carla" Fi Ch. Marengin Rosa Careliana. More info will be updated here later. If you are interested in a white puppy, do not hesitate to contact us: marenginpoodles@ gmail.com 

"Carla" (Fi Mva Marengin Rosa Careliana) on tarkoitus astuttaa seuraavasta juoksusta, jota odotetaan heinäkuussa, joten toivottavasti syksyllä 2024 syntyisi valkoisia isovilalkoiran pentuja.  Lisätiedot päivitetään myöhemmin. Pennuille on etsinnässä kodit, joissa on kokemusta koirista ja jotka ovat sitoutuneet villakoiran turkinhoitoon . Jos olet kiinnostunut valkoisesta ison pennusta, ole yhteydessä: marenginpoodles@ gmail.com.





Carla's pedigree with photos: https://poodle.pedigreedatabaseonline.com/en/MARENGIN-ROSA-CARELIANA/pedigree/56871/i 

The parents of our latest "Carelia"-litter  (white standard poodles 04/20):


Dam: C.I.B. Fi Ee Lv Lt Balt Rs Ch, TlnW-17 Martina’s Sharp Cookie ”Sissel”

(Ch. Hallifax D’Havilland Dove x Ch. Martina’s Massima)

Hips B/A, elbows 0/0, eyes ok, NEWs and vWd clear


Sire: Se It Ch. Vespertine El Andaluz ”Mio”

(Ch. Awesome Always Give And Take x Ch. Vespertine Prometo Estarte Agradeci)

Hips: B/B, elbows 0/0,eyes ok, NEWs carrier


Standard poodle litter 08/2018:



The boys, two weeks old. The eyes are open and walk training is on.




More photos of that litter from page Standard litter 2018

One girl and five boys were born on 8th of August 2018. 

Mother is


 Martina's Sharp Cookie "Sissel"

(Hallifax D'Havilland Dove x Martina's Massima)


Father is

Multi JCh. Champion of Sweden & Montenegro EUJW-17 Vice-WW-17-18

#1 Top Junior Dog 2017

#2 Top Dog Toy Club 2017

Multi JBIS-Winner & BIS-Winner

Jasenak Famous Name "Simon"

(Smart Connection Fabulous Fake x Jasenak Sovershenno Sekretno)


You can follow Sissel's life on Instagram




Miniature female Ch. Goldfire's Cloudberry Candy


The parents of our latest litter:


Fi Ch. BaltW-12 Goldfire's Sparkly Silk



C.I.B. De Ch. EuW-11 Kashmir von der Hundisburg  

(out of Barclay Lyca Oh Henry (Lyca Ransom of Red Chief x Simi Lyca Wild Thing) and Hot Chilie Pepper von der Hundisburg (Tabaluga von der Hundisburg x Xeline von der Hundisburg))

kashmirm.jpg 303001_266623746699292_4161099_nm.jpg

431856_477786538916344_1391920599_nm.jpg 318661_293908423970824_1537995176_nm.jpg

Photos: Wenke Spacek

More about Kashmir: kennel von der Hundisburg




white standard puppies in 2011


The most important thing in our breeding is that we use only excellently tempered poodles. They have to be kind, nice and easy to live with, active and happy -they have to have true poodle temperament.

The other crucial thing is that the poodles are healthy and health tested. We do PRA-prcd genetest, eye and patella tests for medium sizes and miniatures at least, hips are recommended as well. For standard poodles we do eye, hips and SA (Sebaceous Adenitis) tests, according to the rules of Finnish Poodle Club.

We also want to breed the poodles whose appearance would be great with the elegance of the poodle. So these are the things why we choose very carefully the dogs we use in breeding and do the best to manage in it. We register all our puppies to Finnish Kennel Club.


Previous litters:


Marengin Pandora, apricot medium size female

(Onar von der Hundisburg x Goldfire's Pimenta Despelette)


Marengin Carelia Edition, white standard poodle male

Marengin Carelian Charm, white standard poodle male

Marengin Careliano, white standard poodle male

Marengin Carelian Sisu, white standard poodle male

Marengin Lady Carelia, white standard poodle female

Marengin Rosa Careliana, white standard poodle female


Martina’s Magnum Opus, white standard poodle male

Martina’s Main Chance, white standard poodle male

Martina’s Make Haste, white standard poodle male

Martina’s Might And Main, white standard poodle male

Martina’s Mighty Mite, white standard poodle male

Martina’s Mint Condition, white standard poodle female

(Ch. Jasenak Famous Name x Ch. Martina’s Sharp Cookie)


Goldfire's Chatelaine, apricot medium size female

Goldfire's Lady Aristocrat, apricot medium size female

Goldfire's Lady Minstrel, apricot medium size female

Goldfire's Lady Noble, apricot medium size female

C.I.B.* Fi & Ee & LT Ch. Goldfire's Castellan, apricot medium size male

(Ch. Goldfire's Sparkly Silk x Ch. Kashmir von der Hundisburg)


Goldfire's Blackberry Bloom, black miniature female

Ch. Goldfire's Cloudberry Candy, apricot miniature female

Goldfire's Goldberry Gem, apricot miniature female

(Ch. Goldfire's La Lagune Doré x Solnes Bluberry Muffin)


Ch. Martina's Ferrera, white standard female

Martina's Fiorenza, white standard female

Martina's Falciano, white standard male

Martina's Fornero, white standard male

(Ch. Martina's Conchita x Ch. Samarcanda Apocalypse Now)



Goldfire's Chili Aji Amarillo, apricot miniature male

C.I.B. Fi & Lv Ch. FiJW-10 HeJW-10 Goldfire's Chili Ancho Style, apricot medium size male

Fi Ch. FiJW-10 Goldfire's Chili Naga Morich, apricot miniature male

(Ch. Goldfire's La Lagune Doré x Ch. Sugarpine's Party Joker)



Goldfire's Be Delicious, apricot medium size male

Goldfire's Bright Crystal, apricot medium size male

C.I.B. Fi & Ee & Se Ch. EeW-11 HeW-11 FiW-11 Goldfire's Silky Smooth, apricot medium size female

Goldfire's Wanted Elixir, apricot medium size male

(Ch. Goldfire's Silk Gold x Ch. Regenfield's Lysander)



C.I.B. Fin & Ee & Lv Ch. Goldfire's La Lagune Doré, apricot miniature female

Fi Ch. Goldfire's Le Bateau D'Or, apricot medium size male

Goldfire's Le Cormoran, apricot medium size male

Goldfire's Le Loup De Mer, apricot medium size male

Goldfire's L'Espadon, apricot medium size male

(Ch. Goldfire's Silk Gold x Ch. Novy Bibilot Derk Hichkock)